Dogs and cats just love our boarding facility in Auckland!

Cats and dogs are precious to their owners. At Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare in Auckland, we understand that your pets are much loved members of your family.

That's why we strive to provide the highest standards of care for all animals that pass through our doors.

Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare is a 5 star pet hotel.

You can rest assured that your furry friend will be kept safe, comfortable and well looked after. Our caring staff will make sure your beloved pet is relaxed, happy and healthy at all times.
We are open 7 days a week, 7am – 7pm. Our office hours are 8am – 5.30pm.

For more details, please call our team today!


Please read carefully the following terms and conditions. This is the simplified version of our basic requirements. A full copy will be provided at reception when you register your dog or cat with us.


We require vaccinations for all dogs and cats who attend day-care and/or our overnight boarding services.The most recent vaccination should be given within the last 12 months and at least 7 days before entering the kennels/cattery.

Dogs: Should include 5 in 1 vaccine plus Lepto and Kennel Cough.

Cats: should include Feline 3 in 1 - including Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis and Feline Enteritis. Potional Chlamydia (Feline AIDS) is optional but highly recommended.

A vet record must be presented at registration/first visit. A copy of the record will be retained by our staff.


Payment for overnight boarding is due at the time of pick-up. The room is reserved and charges start on the first day of the booking. If the pet is checked out on the last day prior to 11am, that day is not charged. If check out is after 11am, a full day is charged.


All you need to bring is your pet's vaccination card. We feed Royal Canin pet food (different varieties according to size). BYO dog food and treats are welcomed with no extra charge.

BYO bedding is fine if it helps your pets to settle. We provide sufficient toys but you are welcome to bring extra favourite toys.

Please label any medications with your pet's name and instructions. There is no extra cost for giving medications to your pets but please notify us of any medical conditions your pet has upon arrival.

Short term or long term

No matter whether you are going on a short trip or an extended holiday, Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare offers the very best care for your beloved cat or dog.

You'll be able to enjoy your time away knowing that your pet is receiving the very best of care and is housed in a secure, safe and fun environment.

During peak times, including all public holidays, school holidays, as well as 10th December until 10th January, we charge an extra $5/pet a day. Deposits are required for peak time bookings. (This applies to statutory days only)

We also have a long term special discount available. To find out more details on our services, please call Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare.

Prices for dogs

At Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare we charge the following rates for your canine companions:

  • Toy Kingdom - dogs up to 7kg - $30/Night
  • Standard Suite - dogs up to 19.5kg - $33/Night
  • Deluxe Suite - dogs more than 20Kg - $38/Night
Price For Large Run
  • 1 dog - $50/Night
  • 2 dogs - $83/Night
  • 3 dogs - $116/Night
If you have two dogs boarding together, we will take $5.00 off the boarding rate for the second dog.

Please note that a 20% deposit is required for Christmas bookings.

Prices for cats

Your feline friends will be looked after in the manner to which they are accustomed at Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare! Our team understands that cats are creatures of habit and thrive in their home environment. We do everything we can to make sure your treasured kitty is happy, healthy and comfortable.

Our boarding rate for cats are:

  • Feline Standard Unit - $20/Night
  • Feline Deluxe Unit (Double unit for two cats from the same household) - $35/Night
Please note that a 20% deposit is required for Christmas bookings.

Doggy daycare

Pricing for daycare is:
  • $125 for 5 day pass
  • $30 Casual
  • $20 ½ Day Casual
Regular daycare customers' special discount available (for bookings of more than one dog.) Please enquire.

Professional dog grooming

Basic grooming, de-matting, wash & dry, etc. Prices are based on breed, size of dogs, length and condition of coat, and time required, starting at $35. Please phone in for information.

Day care pick up / drop off

7:00am drop off
7.00pm pick up

Boarding Dogs

8:00am drop off
5.30pm pick up at the latest
Check out time 11:00am the next day.

You will be charged another day if pick up is after 11:00am.
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