A five star Doggy Day Care for dogs and cats in Auckland

If you're going on holiday, moving or travelling for business, finding a reliable and responsible sitter for your pet can be a challenge! When you need short or long term care for your beloved pet, speak to Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggie Day Care.

You won't find a better home away from home for your furry friends! Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggie Day Care is an alternative to traditional pet boarding. We aim to provide a luxury hotel environment for both cats and dogs. Our services include Doggie Day-care and on-site professional grooming. Our premises is equipped with a 3000 square metre area for our guests to play in and all our dogs (small, medium and large) all have ourdoor access to play areas. The majority of our facilities are indoors but your pet can play all day long in a large play area that has outdoor access. Individual bedding is provided and we offer custom made units in both our cattery and kennels. The entire premises is also monitored by CCTV.
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Contact information
Address                                                                  Phone
55 Airdrie Road                                                     (09) 832 7362
Ranui Auckland 0612                                          Email
New Zealand                                                         info@barkave.co.nz
Opening hours
7:00am - 7:00pm
7 days a week
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