Five star Doggy Day Care in Auckland for your furry friends!

Doggy day care

At Bark avenue we understand the dog psyche and their need to exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviours like chewing, digging or barking. Play keeps dogs body and mind active. An active dog is a happy dog. Our goal is for your pet to Beas happy and have as much fun as possible.

Dog kennels

Your dog will love Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggy Daycare! We're different from a traditional boarding establishment. Your pets are not housed in cold concrete or wood kennels here! They'll spend their stay relaxing in their own indoors custom made unit with individual bedding. Each dog has the opportunity to interact with other dogs under supervision.

Your doggie will be able to play all day long while you are away! To guard against injury or accidents, we provide specific areas for small, medium and large dogs and have two areas for outside play. Sofas and beds are provided for guests to nap on throughout the day, with our staff supervision at all times.

All units comply with the standard recommendations and are purpose built with tempered glass doors to allow your pet to have a clear view of what is happening at all times. There are comfy Rosella beds and bedding to elevate your dog and give them a good night's sleep. Our facility is always monitored with CCTV and has a professional alarm system to ensure your pet's safety.

Our smallest guests are equipped with their own dedicated entertainment area where TVs and DVD players are kept on at all times.

Our team understands dogs and know that all breeds need exercise. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviour. An active dog is a happy dog. We strive to create an environment where your doggie can have as much fun as possible!


Kitty City is the nickname for our purpose built, custom made cattery. Our cattery includes individual sleeping units, modern cat climbers for more active cats and a fish tank for the more laid-back kitties.

Kitty City provides your favourite feline with a 24/7 air-conditioned environment that is quiet, peaceful and away from the dogs! The space is sunny with large windows for outside viewing.

Each unit has its own litter tray and bedding and we do offer double-units for cats from the same household. If your little kitten is on the shy side, we provide a separate exercise room where they can play safely.


Basic grooming, de-matting, wash & dry, etc. Prices are based on breed, size of dogs, length and condition of coat, and time required, starting at $30. Please phone in for information.


“ Our Cooper stays here when we can't take him with us on holiday . The staff are friendly and we know he is in a safe place. He always looks happy playing in the photos. I would recommend this place if you want to enjoy your holiday. Knowing your best friend is also having a good time really helps. ”
 - Dave Smith
“ My Dog Ruby just love's going to Bark Avenue Luxury Pet Hotel & Doggie Daycare, and the staff there are just wonderful and very caring. you can't ask for any think better.
You must try them! I'm sure you will walk away feeling happy with the care they give and support.
Bark avenue, you guys rock!! Floyd stayed with you for the past week and I'll never take him anywhere else again, he's come home one happy knackered doggy, friendly staff and amazing rates for a dogs home away from home :-) ”
 - Katrina Mathews

" Nobody likes leaving their pets but it's so easy for me to leave my boy Titch (dog) since I discovered Bark Avenue 12 months ago. Titch is always so excited when we arrive at Bark Avenue, leaping from car into the arms of the staff not at all worried that I am about to drive away and leave him. Bark Avenue is very clean and well run. It is staffed by very friendly and polite people who know animals well and cater for their individual needs. "
 - Ck Smith

" Bark Avenue is amazing. We came to them with a wee Chihuahua named Ruby who was very precious, she was nervous and jumpy around loud sounds or other dogs. I was a worried mother, worried that she would be upset or get hurt – I had to let go. The staff were great with her and very understanding of her situation. We have now been taking her regularly for the past 3 months and I have to say this is the best thing for her. She is now braver, is able to walk on a lead without jumping at cars, is able to bond with her baby brother Dash and also has new friends at day care. The time and care these guys take is amazing and I highly recommend Bark Avenue to anyone who may have worries their dog is too shy or nervous ( or any temperament). They will settle the pup/dog in well, socialise them with the right size and they let you know how the wee mites get on. You will not be disappointed in the service and care of the staff.

One behalf of myself, Ruby and Mason Dash – thank you. "

 - Gayle Robertson
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